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The Walk at East Village: Community by Design

Aerial View-XSmallCommunity by Design

The Walk at East Village was designed from the outset to be about community. Every detail of the community planning was intentional to maximize your enjoyment and sense of “home”.

Inside Your Home

Inside the home, we worked with architects to design functional living space that can handle pop-up parties and gatherings of friends easily. The open floor plans of our homes have a good flow that allows people to mix and mingle without being on top of each other.

Your Front Porch

When you step out of your front door, you notice the next level. Our front porches are designed to be lived on. We provide ceiling fans on our front porches standard, which makes our warmer weather more comfortable as you sip a Southern iced tea with friends.

Pocket Neighborhood

Aerial View-Pocket Focus-XSmallWhen you step off your front porch, you will have a section of yard that’s yours, with top-notch landscaping that separates you visually from the other homes across from you. And this is where the magic is – Most of our homes are in smaller groups of homes called pocket neighborhoods, where you get to know your neighbors well. Pockets provide a level of community that no other community design can – front porch to front porch with no street in the middle. Shared open spaces to walk, talk, and gather with friends.

The Club House

Aerial View-Big House Focus-XSmallWhen you take your walk, you’ll probably end up at the Clubhouse where you can work out, go to the pool, play games, have a drink, learn something new, or just chill with or without friends.

Downtown Clayton

Busy Shopping Downtown ClaytonWhen you’re ready for lunch, you can walk to downtown Clayton in about ten minutes. Visit Jones Diner for a flash back to the 70s with Coca-Cola inspired décor and great American food. Or if you prefer a bit more upscale, go to Clayton Steakhouse and get Shrimp and Grits on Fridays, or a great steak and salad any other day. Or go to Manning’s and you can even sit on the rooftop lounge and enjoy eating outside with a wide open view of the sky.

And while you’re there, stay a little while longer and catch a performance at The Clayton Center, an auditorium that books some great acts from around the country.

This is community at its finest. Designed at every level to be the place you’ll want to call home. If you’re eager to learn more about The Walk at East Village, contact us at 919-670-2581 or

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