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Welcome to Clayton, Grifols and Novo Nordisk!

Front Porch ChairGrifols and Novo Nordisk are opening new branches here in Clayton and we are so excited! We love when new businesses move into the area because that means more jobs for the people who already live here and more people to join our community when they relocate!

To all of new folks who are going to be relocating to the area, we just wanted to say “Welcome!” Clayton is a wonderful town and there’s so much to do here. There’s good food, good people, and we’re just down the road from Raleigh. It’s all the comforts of a small town, with the excitement of a big city just minutes away.

So What are Novo Nordisk and Grifols?

Novo Nordisk is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in diabetes, and are planning on opening a brand new production facilities in Clayton. This expansion will create 700 new jobs. They broke ground on the new building on March 28, 2016.blueprints

Grifols, a Spanish biotherapeutics company, is scheduled to open two new plants in Clayton. They hope these plants will be operational by 2022. Grifols is already the largest private employer in Johnston County, and these two new facilities are sure to bring even more jobs to the area.

We Make Relocating Easy

If you’re relocating to Clayton, we know how stressful it can be to move to a new place. Especially if you’ve never been there before. If you have any questions about Clayton, or the surrounding area, be sure to contact one of our team members. We all know the area like the back of our hands, so we’d be more than happy to point you in the right direction and help answer your questions.

And once again: Welcome!

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