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Raleigh Voted Staycation Destination!

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA skylineIn case there was any doubt that the Triangle area is a wonderful place to call home, WalletHub named Raleigh one of best cities for staycations in 2017. And with good reason! Raleigh has a ton of awesome things to do right here at home. So what makes a city a great place for a staycation? When compiling their list, WalletHub looked at three main factors:

  • Recreation
  • Food and Entertainment
  • Rest and Relaxation

So how exactly does Raleigh live up to those categories?


The recreation category is determined by the availability of things like golf courses, sports venues, parks, trails, shopping centers, water sports, and miles of bike lanes. You’ll find all of these activities throughout the Triangle with multiple golf courses and walking trails right in Clayton. We’ve previously written about how great the amenities are, but given our amazing Greenway trails, the local lakes and rivers, and our local sports arenas, it’s worth mentioning again.

Food and Entertainment

Cartons of fresh berriesWhen it comes to food and entertainment, WalletHub was looking at things like movies and bowling, nightlife, museums, zoos, theaters, coffee shops, beer gardens, restaurants, and their relative affordability. Raleigh boasts a diverse selection of restaurants catering to a variety of tastes as well as a thriving craft beer scene. When it comes to food and entertainment, there is no shortage of options in the Raleigh area.


Rest and Relaxation

Don’t worry about being able to get rest and relaxation here in Raleigh. There are plenty of options! WalletHub looked at things like spas and wellness centers, massage and beauty salons, public beaches per capita, and the idealness of summer weather. You can bet Raleigh ranked highly when it came to the category of summer weather. It’s hot enough to want to swim, but not so hot that it’s miserable to be outside. Perfect!

Make Clayton Your Staycation Location

Find out more about The Walk at East Village and the perks of living in the Raleigh area. With world-class amenities and beautiful homes, make everyday a staycation! Contact us to learn more or come visit our model homes in Clayton, NC.

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