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Stay Fit with These Top Recommended Exercises for Active Adults

From workouts that improve your balance to training routines that build your strength, here are the top exercises recommended for active adults. Since everyone has different tastes and preferences to the type of exercise that they like, we’ve provided plenty of options to choose from, so hopefully you’ll find something that works for you!

Cool off in the Pool

A pool.

Some people call swimming the world’s perfect exercise—and it makes sense why. Even if you’re doing another type of aquatic exercise—like water aerobics or walking laps in the shallow end—the movement through the water helps build muscles and improves your cardiovascular health.

Plus, thanks to the Walk at East Village’s outdoor pool, it’s easy to fit in a workout! The pool is even heated, so it can be used for a longer portion of the year.

Get Centered with Yoga

A yoga mat.

If you prefer to skip the cardio-centered workout, then yoga is an ideal slower-paced option. It’s low-impact, so it’s much easier on your bones and joints, but it still helps your muscle strength, core stability, and mobility.

The Walk has plenty of wide-open green spaces that are perfect for throwing out a mat and following along with an online routine under the sunshine. You can even clear some space in a spare room or your living room and do it all in the comfort of your own home!

Perfect your Power Walk

A person walking outside.

When in doubt, a tried-and-true daily walk can still get the job done. It’s recommended that you take around 10,000 steps per day and doing so can lead to some amazing health benefits like reducing stress, decreasing your chances of a heart attack or stroke, and increasing blood flow to your brain.

Around the community, you’ll find a number of scenic walking trails, and if you’re looking to explore, then Clayton also offers a few options, like the Neuse River Trail and the Mountains to Sea Trail!

Strengthen up with Pilates

Pilates equipment.

Similar to yoga, pilates is another low-impact exercise option that helps build your strength, core, and mobility. The main difference between pilates and yoga is that yoga focuses on a more holistic workout, while pilates centers in on your core. The latter is a little more structured, and sometimes requires more equipment, depending on the workout you choose.

There are tons of great online pilates programs that you can complete for free, and Walk at East Village’s fitness center should have most of the equipment you’ll need!

Hit the Weights


You don’t have to benchpress a personal record, but a little casual weight lifting can go a long way for your overall health. Not only is muscle loss one of the biggest things to watch out for as you get older, but if you’re trying to melt away some extra abdominal cushioning, then research shows that strength training is more time-efficient than cardio.

At the Walk’s fitness center, you’ll find tons of machines and free wights to choose from. Here’s a helpful resource on a beginner routine to get you started!

Ready to Sweat?

When you live at The Walk at East Village, the community amenities make it easier than ever to stay active. The outdoor pool, the fitness center, the pickleball and bocce courts, the trails—you’ll have plenty of variety to work into your routine!

If you’re looking for the perfect active adult community to call home, then look no further. Explore a few of the listings currently available, and give us a call to get started!

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