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The Best Ways to Virtually Connect with Friends and Family

The past few weeks have brought unprecedented changes to everyday lives—and have separated families and friends across both long and short distances. So, how do you stay in touch while practicing safe virtual distancing? Fortunately, technology has the answer: virtual connection!

Ways to Virtually Connect While Staying Home

ways to virtually connect online

Ten years ago, the public health crisis would likely have been even harder to manage. But today, there are so many ways to virtually connect that no matter how many miles stand between our friends and family, we’re never really too far apart! Here are a few clever new ways to stay in touch.

Book club

stack of books for virtual connection

Stay connected AND give yourself something to do in your free time by organizing a book club with friends or family. Select a book that everyone will enjoy, or try something totally new. Then, set a date for a few weeks out for everyone to log onto a video chat (like Zoom or Google Hangouts) and discuss the book.

Bonus: It’s a great way to reconnect with old friends, new friends, and even long-distance friends.

Dinner parties

cooking dinner

Cook with friends… remotely! Set a time for everyone to log in to their video chat, then start cooking! You can all work on the same recipe, cook individually, or even just catch up over takeout.

Group text messages

texting to virtually connect with friends

Group texts are a great way to stay continuously in touch with friends and family—even those you might not normally connect with on a regular basis. The at-your-convenience nature of texts allows for members of the group to respond when it’s best for them—rather than trying to schedule a time for an entire family scattered across the country to sit down for a video chat together.

Game night

monopoly board game

Game nights are a great way to hang out and have fun—and with a combination of video chats and online board game platforms, you can pretty easily recreate the game night experience right from home.

Platforms like JackBox allow for one person to download an app and share games with other players. There are also tons of game apps that can be downloaded by individual players. You can even adapt physical board games, like Charades, Scattergories, or Pictionary.

Virtual karaoke

singing karaoke to virtually connect

Have some laughs with friends with a little online karaoke! Set up a video chat with friends, then find some songs. While there are companies (like Karafun) that offer special karaoke versions of songs, you can probably find most of your favorites for free on Youtube.

You might also want to set some rules beforehand—no songs longer than three minutes, those not singing must mute their mics, etc.

Hangouts happy hour

happy hour to connect virtually

Grab a beer, a glass of wine, or your favorite cocktail and meet up on a video chat with your friends for some pre-dinner drinks, chatting, and laughter. You might not be benefitting from half-priced apps or $5 drafts, but you’re still enjoying good company! (Besides, the drinks are probably cheaper at home anyway!)

Looking for More Ways to Connect in Clayton?

At The Walk at East Village, we know how important it is to stay connected, especially as you age. That’s one of the reasons we’ve designed our community around walkability, amenities, and social activities. If you need more ideas for staying connected in the time of social distancing, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time.

Concerned about how the public health crisis might have affected your real estate or retirement plans? Contact us with any concerns.

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