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Takeout Staples for Your Table

Key takeaways:

  • As we continue to hunker down and prevent the spread of COVID-19, many people are starting to grow weary of their kitchens and are ready to expand their taste buds.
  • We have compiled a list of some of our favorite takeout spots in the Triangle to give you a break from the kitchen for a night!
  • Maybe it’s not the food you are tired of making, but the space in which you are creating. Is it time for a kitchen upgrade? If you are interested in a bigger kitchen to fit your new cooking schedule, contact The Walk at East Village today!

We’ve Staked Out the Best Takeout Near The Walk!

Takeout, arguably, has been a life-saver in 2020 and is not a popular trend that we expect to see change in 2021. Trying out some new food that’s both low-effort and delicious can definitely spice up your dinner plans. These takeout spots taste great and allow patrons to support local businesses.

Home-cooked goodness

Chicken and waffles takeout

In the south, y’all know we take pride in our home-cooked meals. Everyone knows how to make sweet tea (even if they don’t like it) and can tell you about the best southern cook they know. If you haven’t quite mastered making biscuits from scratch and still are fuzzy on how to get a yummy banana pudding meringue just right, don’t fret! We’ve got the perfect place to pick up a southern homestyle meal that will definitely taste as though you made it yourself. 

If you are in the Raleigh area, you have to try Beasley’s Chicken and Honey. Located in the heart of Downtown Raleigh, Beasley’s Chicken and Waffles has mastered the combination of warm, crunchy fried chicken with the sweetness of honey to make a delectable dish you won’t forget! You can even pick up your dinner with an old glass bottle of Coke on the side. 

Another reputable place in the Triangle to check out is Dame’s Chicken and Waffles. When the main dish is in the name of the place, you know it’s something tasty that shouldn’t be missed. No one has to know it was a short drive down I-40 to these local legends. 

Not your typical takeout

Indian takeout food

When someone says takeout, if you are like most people, your mind drifts to the best Chinese restaurant you know. For many, finding the best Chinese takeout around can be a tough choice, especially when there is a decent amount of competition in an urban area like Raleigh. While there are many great options, we recommend checking out Garland on West Martin Street for a fresh take on takeout. 

Garland differs from most Chinese takeouts in that it actually combines a multitude of Asian flavors. At this Triangle restaurant, Indian and Asian dishes alike are cooked with a Southern flair that will entice you to come back for more! This is also a great takeout option if you are choosing between Indian and Chinese and can’t decide or have more than one mouth to feed that differs in taste buds.

Feeling saucy?

Artisan pizza

Sometimes simplicity is best. There’s nothing quite like curling up on the couch with your favorite bottle of wine or beer with a warm slice of pizza balancing on your knees. So what’s our top spot to try in the Triangle for the best slice? This was a tough call, and we did our fair share of testing, but ultimately we decided on Oakwood Pizza Box. Available on Doordash for the full takeout experience (not leaving your lovely home? Score!), this pizza place is open from Wednesday to Sunday between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m.!

Think we missed a great takeout spot? Reach out to us—we definitely won’t say no to trying more delicious eats around the Triangle!

Want To Try Out Recipes in Your Kitchen?

Eager to try your hand at the recipes you have sampled throughout the Triangle? If you’re looking to downsize but don’t want to give up a fabulous kitchen, come check out some of the homes we have available at The Walk at East Village. We are here to help you create culinary masterpieces in the kitchen of your dreams! Reach out to our team today for any questions you may have about the community.

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